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Welcome to Teresa’s Blog!


I intend to bring my various and public ways of reflecting together in one space. This thought came to me recently as a participant in a union education workshop on The Art of Hosting. During one session on “powerful questions”, I began to think about how to better integrate my practices.  Happily, there are many ways to learn how to live a reflective life and most seem to bring me back to writing.  Along with the blog posts, I will share some poetry here.  I’m fond of taking photographs and, even though I am in my infancy as far as that art is concerned, sometimes photos can be a little like poetry.  I will link to my musical pursuits as well, but through the blog posts I may be more curious, tentative or bold than I might be in an official role. I write for a living, but this blog space is definitely ex-officio.


I would like to recognize the creative work of Chris Lawson, web designer and developer, who worked with me to set up this blog. Chris never fails to figure out how to launch a beautiful space.  If you would like to work with him, you can reach him through his website. I’m sure you would be thrilled with the results.


As I learn the technique and become more familiar with this form of expression, I might change the intention of this blog. For now, it is exploratory with a tendency towards reflections on international issues as I experience them in the everyday.


Perhaps it could become a dialogue. Let’s see what the blogosphere has in store!


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